Zen Aura Rahks 

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Wellness & Workshops


Basis & Beyond

An exciting introduction to the 12 core movements in Belly Dance combined in a step-by-step choreographed cardio workout from moves learned in class.  Experience the  healing benefits of this exotic art form while toning, strengthening and lengthening the muscles of the Body & Soul.


Swords & Shimmies

Fun Fusion learning my unique style of sword dance.  Improving balance, isolation, and balance while learning a modern style of Sword Dance through slow and fast passed movement.  Meditation:  Cutting away imbalance from the mind, allowing the body to flow with energy and Divine inspiration.

Veils of Praise

Behind the Veil

Experience the grace and elegance of bellydance combined with the dynamic Spirit of praise.  Dancing veils to increase arm strength, body toning/awareness, and fluidity.  Embrace and express the spirit and meaning of music through veil dance.


Where East Meets West

Fun fusion that borrows form East African Taarabu tradition and West African dance.  A fusion of high/low impact choreography for a full body explosion where participants experience traditional and modern music, instrumentation, and drumming.