Zen Aura Rahks 

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Zen Aura is a Multi-Award-Winning performance artist in the arenas of dance, theater, poetry, singing & songwriting.   Zen's exposure to diverse cultures and spiritual traditions greatly influence the dynamic nature and substance of her performance and teaching style. Zen Aura Rahks (ZAR) comprises the dance/creative and sacred movement aspect of the Zen Collective that strives to  express the traditional role of the artist as Healer, 

as well as, storyteller.

"I Am very grateful for the learning I have acquired and shared with various artistic, scholastic and spiritual teachers in many forms.  The essences that are with me because of that interaction allow me to do what I love most, passionately express what is in my Soul." "What I find there is in the souls of others also, here we connect, heal and illuminate each other".


Zen has found her niche as an interpretive dancer of Egyptian Cabaret and Fusion styles of Rahks Sharki (belly dance), carrying the mantel of the Master Griot of the legends, wisdom and mystery of Feminine Divinity and the Sacred Rites of Women through the ages.  Through her evolution as a dancer and instructor she has received the  Josephine Baker Award and Honorable Mention from the Jewel of the Nile Middle Eastern Dance Pageant, served as a One Book, One Philadelphia presenter for the "Complete Persepolis" in the series "Behind the Veil: Exploring the Music, Movement & Mysticism of Ancient Persia" and presenter of Zen Aura Rahks for the Cure with Senator Vincent Hughes in conjunction with Susan G. Coleman For the Cure. 

 A respected educator, passionate performer & Healer, Zen shares her time offering workshops and performance on the spiritual dimensions of sacred movement, physical fitness for youth and adults, and youth athletic coaching dedicated to the development of the science of mind, body and spirit for optimal health and wellness through the vehicle of athletics and the transformative arts.

 Awards & Accomplishments

Jewels of the Orient – 1st Runner Up – Tribal/Fusion

Sexiest Workout Experience – Philly Fit Magazine/FitBash

Most Relaxing Workout Experience – Philly Fit Magazine/Fit Bash

North Eastern Belly Dance Competition - Fantasy/Fusion Champion

Belly Dancer of the Universe 1st Runner Up – Fusion & Specialty Prop

Honorable Mention - Jewel of the Nile Middle Eastern Dance Pageant 

Voted Most Creative Workout Experience - Philly Fit Magazine/Fit Bash

Josephine Baker Award - Jewel of the Nile Middle Eastern Dance Pageant

                                                                                  "I surrender that which is precious to that

                                                                                          which is precious also, the rhythm

                                                                                             and the ecstatic presence of the

                                                                                                    Divine in me and in you 

                                                                                                            that connect us."

                                                                                                                  Zen Aura

(Zanora L. B. El, MAPSY)  

Zen (Live Re-recording)
Rokia Traoré (Zen ([Live Re-recording]))

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